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Our subliminal learning MP3s and subliminal CDs will work specifically on your un-conscious mind. Our subliminal albums will make lasting changes to the way you think, to your habits and to your behavior so that you will dramatically improve your life, and help you to achieve your goals and success much easier.

Subliminal messages are a natural way of overturning negative thoughts which assail many of us on an all too regular basis. They are also entirely safe, there is no dangerous manipulation involved. Simply put, subliminal audio messages are a way of planting positive seeds in the subconscious mind which will counteract self-doubt and negative mindsets. They can be a very powerful tool.

Subliminal messages work on your mind from the inside out, stopping negative thoughts from getting in where they can do the most damage, right at the outset of the mental process. The subliminal learning mp3s or cds will boost your motivation. The increase in positivity allows you to approach any endeavour with the confidence that it will be successful, and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Attract Success
Harness the power of your subconscious mind with our unique subliminal learning MP3s - CDs and attract money in abundance, wealth, and prosperity into your life.
Lose Weight Permanently
Change the way you feel towards dieting , healthy eating, and exercise deep within your subconscious mind so you can finally lose weight and keep it off permanently.
Law of Attraction
Boost your manifestation results - align your subconscious mind for success with the law of attraction and live your dream life.

Become The Alpha Male Subliminal
Become an alpha male and increase your confidence, social skills, social magnetism, and of course attract beautiful women naturally.
Extrovert Personality Subliminal
Develop an extrovert personality - become more social, outgoing, and adventurous and start living your life to the fullest.
Photographic Memory Development Subliminal
Rewire your mind and improve your memory skills beyond what you thought was possible with our revolutionary approach.

Check out our entire line of Subliminal Learning MP3s / CDs
There are over 200+ to choose from, so no matter what you are looking for we have something to match your needs.

The main benefit of using a subliminal learning MP3 or CD is that you can save time - you don't have to stand at the mirror every morning and evening and say affirmations to yourself; it is a more effortless method - you can even play the subliminal learning MP3 or CD while you do other things; work, study, exercise, and yes, even subliminal sleep learning is possible.

Each of our subliminal albums is available either on CD or as an instant MP3 download:

Our CD's

  • Our subliminal CDs come in a professional hard jewel CD case of retail quality standards.
  • They are dispatched next day
  • We offer FREE shipping to the USA.
Our MP3's

  • If you would prefer to begin listening and making changes to your life INSTANTLY then you could be listening to one of our subliminal MP3 albums within 2 minutes. You will be instantly directed to your download after payment.
To start making changes in your life right now Download a Free Subliminal MP3

"I have used several of your subliminal mp3 albums now, the positive attitude one has lifted the mood of my whole family, and your confidence booster supplement and social anxiety cure albums have literally changed my life over the last couple of months! I listen to them both every day, I feel calmer in social situations, more assertive, and more confident than ever before! I will be back for more soon! Bless you,"

Nancy, California
Tap The Unlimited Power Of Your Potential

Subliminal learning takes advantage of our natural ability for learning. There are more than 800 published scientific studies that have unequivocally demonstrated the validity of our ability to perceive information through the use of subliminal stimulation. Subliminal techniques are used in a variety of professions; musicians, film producers, therapists, athletes and advertisers are all benefiting from its use.

Subliminal learning is practical and easily implemented. Colleges, universities and school systems have approved the use of subliminal learning programs. It is estimated that well over a million high school and college students in the US are now using programs designed to improve attitudes and enhance school and athletic performance. Unlike hypnosis, subliminal learning does not depend on a trance state, deep meditation or professional intervention. The most practical method is via MP3s or CDs which can be played in a car, office, home or IPod type systems. They are efficient, unobtrusive, powerful and operate while one is engaged in regular work, study and leisure activities.

The real benefit of using a subliminal learning MP3 or CD is that you are in control of the information you receive. You create a FOCUS - only receiving specific messages which will give you an advantage in pursuing your personal goals, and making the changes you want to make.

"After not expecting too much from your Subliminal CDs I am actually very impressed! It arrived 2 days ago and I gave it a try straight away. The quality is excellent, and I have quite a lot of experience of hypnosis, relaxation cds and self help over the last few years. Your Subliminal CDs are the best I've encountered bar none!! I'm extremely happy I found your store and I am going to order some more from you now!

Jane Miller, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Our Lifetime Guarantee

We have over 5,000 satisfied customers, and are so confident in the success rate of our albums that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee -If your friends and family still recognize you after listening to our albums we will give you FULL REFUND, not for the first week, or the first 30 days, but for LIFE!

Why Buy from Us?

Many other subliminal companies sell messages that are often very general, and do not directly address the needs of different albums.

We guarantee that each of our subliminal mp3s and cds are individually created - the messages are tailored to each unique album for a more effective experience.

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Check out our entire line of over 200 Subliminal Learning MP3s / CDs

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